About judith

In her Between Oceans blog, Judith E. White combines a passion for planet earth with future issues by asking three questions a month to three different people around the world. Using their answers shows what connects us and how we can work together to find solutions. Judith E. White has a Masters degree in History and Geography from the University of Vienna and is a co-author of 'Intercultural Areas of Economy and Culture. Judith is a high school teacher and founder of JU_nique. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
18 06, 2020


In times when video conferencing, triggered by the Coronavirus Pandemic, is becoming increasingly popular, most of us have experienced that moment when participants enter a virtual space and check their webcams and, more importantly, [...]

18 05, 2020


My name is Judith E. White and I am starting my first blog today, on May 18th 2020. With Between Oceans I want to show how diverse and equal we humans are and how [...]

18 05, 2020


JU'S 3 QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH How do you experience the ‘time of corona’ in yourself, in your country, on the planet? What are your strengths and where do you make an impact in [...]